Healthy recipes for your January detox – but warming ones!

Happy 2011!

Today is the last of the twelve days of Christmas, sorry to rub it in, but the festivities are truly over now. As a result, many people now feel the urge to cleanse and recover from the excesses of Christmas and New Year. However, in these wintry conditions we can’t be pushing a lettuce leaf around our plates, we need healthy options that will maintain energy and keep us warm. For the next few weeks we will be adding a series of recipes to the site that are easy to make, filling and will assist you in sticking to your New Year diet.

Breakfast is of paramount importance when you’re trying to be healthy and our bircher muesli will fend off the hunger monster as it's packed full of foods that provide slow-release energy. Ham and eggs might not sound like a healthy option, but this recipe is fresh and filling. We've also posted a warming carrot, orange and ginger soup to curl up on the sofa with.

Look out for more recipes to follow this January.  


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