Grazing time

There always comes a time, around mid-morning, when my stomach starts to rumble, blood sugar levels hit a low and productivity goes out the window. I think this is a pretty common issue, and one that many resolve by reaching for a biscuit, or in my case, hitting the hot chocolate machine. The people at graze are on a quest to make sure that peckish office workers have something healthier and more energy sustaining at hand by offering a snack delivery service.

The company sends out small boxes of healthy nibbles that arrive on your desk by post. The contents of these boxes range from olives and nuts to dried fruits and flapjacks. Snackers rate different options within their account on the graze website to make sure that they don’t get anything they don’t like, they choose a regular delivery day and cross their fingers in the hope that there won’t be another postal strike. All being well, like manna from heaven, the box lands on your desk for you to nibble through.

So I tried it out. Setting up an account was easy. I chose a delivery day and ranked a couple of choice items as ‘love’ and sent some other less desirable options to the ‘bin’. All this only took a couple of minutes after which I was able to get on with some proper work, and I promptly completely forgot all about my order.

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On the following Tuesday, my pre-assigned delivery day, I was surprised by a little box of goodness landing on my desk. Inside there were four small packets brimming with different healthy snacks. I was sent wasabi peas, marinated green olives, a walnut and dried fruit mix and raisins with white chocolate buttons. I was slightly upset not to have been sent any flapjacks, but I got over this pretty quickly and tucked in.

The small packets are sealed so you don’t have to eat it all in one sitting, but can pop a couple of packets into your desk drawer for another day. At £2.99 a box, I thought this was a bit of a bargain. The box saw me through three mid morning lows and one afternoon emergency. Now I’m just looking forward to the next graze box, and wondering what assortment I will get – flapjacks had better feature!

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What a great idea. I'm sure

What a great idea. I'm sure you don't have to be at your desk to enjoy a mid-morning snack. I'm planning on having a box delivered while I'm tending my small town garden...